Parents always complain about kids spending too much time on the screen. So to wean the kids away from the screen and also learn at the same time. 

Sounds Interesting!

We have created an innovative toy box, an "UNSCHOOLING BOX" . 

A unique learning solution that keeps your child engaged throughout the year with our proven curriculum-based tools and activities. Let's check out it's features:

  1. More than 300 activities;
  2. Proven Curriculum based;
  3. Hands-on learning activities;
  4. Hand-made sensorial learning tools;
  5. Laminated worksheets;
  6. Stationery;
  7. Craft Materials;
  8. Coloring Activities;
  9. Theme based blinders;
  10. Lesson Plans;
  11. Assessments;

and many more.....

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