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Innings to revolutionize education system using technology, through online and offline products.

Embrace the future of education with Innings2 where AI tutoring and parent-child collaboration become the heart of education. Dive into the textbook of tomorrow, engaging in pair learning alongside your kid, enhancing understanding and enjoyment together.

Created to cater to the curiosity of individuals who seek to learn, this platform offers a vast array of courses and course materials presented by professionals across various fields.

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Education should be fun. You know what is fun? Games. Can a child learn while playing a game? This is the question we try to answer through our games.

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Parents always complain about kids spending too much time on the screen. Experience the unique learning solution that keeps your child engaged throughout the year

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Y. Naga Supraja


An M.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Supraja has more than 10 years of experience as an Associate Professor. Her passion and dedication towards imparting knowledge have made her an exceptional educator who has positively impacted the lives of many students.

Lavanya M


Experienced senior-level Educator with 10+ years of experience working with children, certified in Early Childhood Learning with EYLF (Australia), Kids Nutrition, Kids Fitness, ADHD in Children, CPR & First Aid, Kids Health & Wellbeing, and Storytelling. Specialized in Documenting by Observing Child's Behavior and worked with Australia's largest early learning providers.

Vasavi S

Chief Operations Officer

An MBA in HR with decade-plus years of professional experience in Human Resources in understanding, empathizing and influencing people. Be it business advisor, performance management, talent development, or talent acquisition her experience has helped many to learn people strategies and their fitment into organizational dynamics.

Dr. Kumar Eswaran

Founder, Alpes.ai

Dr. Kumar carries 37 years of research experience in the application of computers in the areas of industrial image processing, AI and pattern recognition, electromagnetics, fluid mechanics, and structural mechanics.

Chaitanya Chokkareddy

Chief Technology Officer at Ozonetel

Chaitanya is is responsible for rolling out new products and technologies for Ozonetel in the cloud telephony space. A true techno geek, Chaitanya can cook up new frameworks in a jiffy. Chaitanya is passionate about the start-up ecosystem in the country and is a frequent speaker at various start-up forums.

Innings2 aims to inspire those who seek a fresh start and our primary emphasis is on Edtech. Education holds a special place in our hearts, and we strongly believe that there is significant scope for enhancing the existing edtech landscape. Although technological innovations are constantly emerging, we have yet to witness a significant improvement in the learning experience for students.

Our goal is to utilize technology and tools to transform the methods of educating children, regardless of whether they are in a conventional classroom environment, an online classroom, or engaged in self-directed learning. We aim to harness the potential of technology to revolutionize the learning experience for children.
  • Hyderabad, Telangana, India